Bones Club FAQ - Smokey Bones

Effective 2018, Smokey Bones guests have the option of joining The Bones Club using a traditional card or going cardless. The language below reflects the traditional Bones Club card program. Those electing the cardless option will be asked to register with a phone number, and they will be required to provide that phone number and a valid photo ID to redeem rewards. All other information applies.

When joining Smokey Bones Email Club vs. The Bones Club, you will receive emails about our latest offers, coupons, events and more; but will not earn points and rewards. Ask for a Bones Club card or sign up for our cardless Bones Club loyalty program on your next visit to Smokey Bones to start earning points and rewards. The below FAQs relate to The Bones Club and not the Smokey Bones Email Club.

1) What is the Bones Club?
The Bones Club is Smokey Bones loyalty program that rewards our guests with points for their purchases. Members earn 1 point for every $1 spent on food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases, up to 6,000 points per event. When you reach 100 points, your points will be deducted, and a $10 reward will be provided to you. Basically, 10% in rewards back for eligible purchases. Members also receive special offers.

2) How do I join?
Simply pick up a membership card at any Smokey Bones location. Register your card online by inputting your name, email address, phone number, favorite location and date of birth (must be at least 18 years of age to enroll). Or, go cardless and sign up at your local Smokey Bones restaurant using the tabletop Ziosk. The Smokey Bones Email Club can be joined online.

3) Is there a cost to sign up?
No. Membership is absolutely free. Plus, you will instantly receive a $10 off reward coupon emailed directly to you when you initially join the Smokey Bones Email Club or the Bones Club.

4) Do I need email access?

5) What if I don’t have my card with me at the time of purchase?
No problem. We are able to look up and credit your account using the phone number and name associated with the account. In order to redeem rewards, you must present your card.

6) What if my card is lost or stolen?
No worries. Because we are able to credit your account using your phone number, the card isn’t necessary. Remember to keep your account information updated at If you had a card with rewards you will need a replacement card (Smokey Bones restaurant) and submit a merger request to (include your Bones Club card number in the email).

7) When can I spend my rewards?
You can redeem the reward as soon as you receive the email notifying you of the rewards.

8) Can my rewards be used for any purchase?
Rewards can be used for any dine-in or to go purchase for food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases. Rewards cannot be used to purchase gift cards.

9) How can I check my point balance?
Your point balance is always printed at the bottom of your receipt after each purchase. You may check your point balance online at any time and/or present your card at any Smokey Bones restaurant and your server or host(ess) will give you a printout of your point balance. You can also log into your E-account at to keep track of your points.

10) Is reward redemption valid for earning additional points?
You will earn rewards for qualifying purchases for the full amount after any reward coupons have been deducted from the check.

11) I received a coupon offering a free item(s). Will points be added for the free item(s)?
No. Points for that visit will not be awarded for the free items. However, you will earn points on any additional qualifying purchases made during that visit.

12) Do I get points for purchasing gift cards?
While you don’t get points for buying a gift card, you do get points when paying with a gift card.

13) How am I notified about promotions and rewards?
We will send you promotions, and special opportunities to receive bonus points via e-mail. Your rewards will be emailed directly to your email address on file.

14) Does my card ever expire?
The Bones Club cards do not expire but will become inactive if not used once every 365 days, and the points and the rewards on the card will be forfeited

15) Do my points ever expire?
Yes, Bones Club accounts that have no restaurant purchases for 365 consecutive days are deemed inactive and will have all points forfeited.

16) Do my rewards ever expire?
Yes. All rewards will expire for any accounts that have no eligible restaurant purchases for 365 consecutive days.

17) How long do I have to activate my card?
All Bones Club memberships will become inactive if they haven’t been activated online within three months of being issued.

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